Studio Condos

Essentialist. Studio Condos by Elevate Living

The Essentialist. by Elevate Living at 268 Oakdale in St. Catharines, Ontario is everything you need and a little more. The condo features well thought-out studio-style designs to maximize your living space, your budget and your lifestyle.

Why a Studio Condo? 

With prices starting at $250K, our studio condos are not only a practical choice, but one of the best options for attainable homeownership. If you’ve ever considered downsizing and reducing your monthly expenses, now’s the time to start planning.

Essentialist. condos provide convenient and stylish spaces for people looking for home-ownership without all the hassles, at a monthly mortgage cost that’s less than or equivalent to market rent (click here to use a mortgage calculator***).

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A Little More…

The proposed three storey, 28 unit building at 268 Oakdale Avenue in St. Catharines, Ontario features:

  • Well thought-out designs with no wasted space
  • Big, bright windows inviting plenty of natural light
  • Different design choices for cabinets finishes, flooring and lighting accessories
  • Common amenity kitchen and lounge space for your social gatherings

There are Plenty of Extras To Choose From:

  • On-site storage
  • On-site bike storage
  • Parking
  • Floor to ceiling closet organizers
  • Murphy bed and furnishings
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Frequently asked questions:

What is a studio condo?

The terms studio and bachelor are commonly used to denote a unit with a shared living and bedroom area. Our floor plans have maximized the design so the living area and bedrooms are separated, while still being open concept. Our studio condos feature a living room space, a bedroom space, full bath, full kitchen and dining area with plenty of storage options.

What makes an Elevate Living condo more attainable?

Elevate Living has engaged a number of concepts to deliver a housing product that’s the lowest price on the market. For starters, Elevate is building on a unique infill lot, just the right size for a unique, custom built development. Another element that allows Elevate to deliver a lower cost to its customers is the size of the units. Bulk purchasing through local vendors also enables Elevate to pass on those savings to its clients with the goal of helping to meet a need in the local housing market. Another element is the company passion and purpose: the team at Elevate believes in helping people attain home ownership.

Am I eligible to purchase a condo?

Anyone who will be the occupant of the condo is encouraged to submit an application.

What is the process for obtaining a unit?

Because these condos are the lowest price on the market, Elevate Living wants to ensure these condos are doing what they are setting out to do: we want to help people achieve homeownership. Because a mortgage on one of these units will cost less than market rent, we need to do a little more to help level the playing field. We will be accepting applications to help steward the process. A team of reviewers will collectively select successful applicants. Here’s the step by step process:1) email info@elevateliving and indicate you’d like an application when they become available. 2) complete and submit application 3) a team of community members will review applications 4) applicants will be contacted with next steps 4) if you’re the successful applicant, you have the option to work with third-party professionals to coach you along the homeownership journey.

Is there a model home?

Yes! While our model home is actually smaller than the size of the condo units, it still gives customers a feel for finishings, functionality and craftsmanship. We encourage anyone who is interested to book a time to see the model home.

Do I have to purchase the add-ons for functionality?

Absolutely not. Add ons are available for your convenience. Our condos fit regular size furniture and we encourage lots of creativity when decorating your space. Like any new home, it’s important to measure before purchasing new items.

Is this development Inspired by New Urbanism?

Yes. “New Urbanism is a movement united around the belief that our physical environment has a direct impact on our chances for happy, prosperous lives. New Urbanists believe that well-designed cities, towns, neighborhoods, and public places help create community: healthy places for people and businesses to thrive and prosper…As momentum for mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods has grown, New Urbanists have risen to the challenge of building on past successes, establishing new design and development standards, and accelerating the pace of change.”

***assuming client pays a 5% down-payment. Each mortgage rate will vary according to interest rates, amortization and personal financial situations. Customers are encouraged to do their own research to find a mortgage broker/agent that best suits their needs. *Plans and prices are subject to change. | 905-732-7227 | 800 Niagara St. Unit E2, Welland, Ontario