At The Seaway

An Urban Residential Development.

Where Tradition Meets Innovation.

Health-focused community:

A community complete with walking paths, landscaping, linear parks for your enjoyment.

Homes that suit Everyone:

Houses that range in shapes and sizes to fit the needs of the people who will call this place home.

Community-first development: 

Following a tradition at the Seaway Mall as a hub of community activity, memories and friendship.

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As you stand amongst the homes and thousand trees where once was pavement, you will find a mixed community where families, seniors and singles can live, work, play and create lasting memories. You can see people walking together along shaded tree-lined paths to the park, grocery store, and unique shops. Sounds of talking, laughter and kids safely playing in parks and community spaces can be heard throughout. You will find a place called home in elegant architectural designs that have been inspired by the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the world.


Inspired by New Urbanist thinkers, planners, engineers and developers, New Urbanist developments seek to meet the needs of our communities both today and tomorrow. Drawing from “traditional” concepts of urban centres (as opposed to suburban neighbourhoods), New Urbanist developments promote intensifying neighbourhoods to reduce vehicular traffic, promote walking and provide housing for the community at large (encompassing many different demographics).


At The Seaway’s diverse architecture is not only pleasing on the eyes for creating both depth, character and a memorable landscape, it also allows for the incorporation of different housing types, shapes and sizes. So much of our community are “left out” of the traditional housing market and the New Urbanism seeks to accommodate the “missing middle” through integrating studio, one, two and three bedroom condos, townhouses and stacked towns. New Urbanist developers understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to housing needs in our communities.

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