About us

Elevate Living: Better Developments. Valued Relationships.

For more than 15 years, our founder Drew Toth has been deeply involved with providing local housing. From his early days working to advocate for housing for vulnerable citizens, modifying existing residences to include secondary units, to building new townhomes, condos, multiunit dwellings and single family homes, and developing new neighbourhoods. Our philosophy has always been to meet the needs of our community through real estate. 

Our community here in Niagara needs more housing, more units and more options! Our community shouldn’t have to compromise lifestyle just to call a place home. Instead, we believe in Elevating our clients’ lifestyles through our New Urbanist approach to building and development.

When we build a new home or craft a new development, we look for ways to enhance lifestyle in the following ways: 

  • More housing options: different sizes and spaces suit different people and different budgets. Our developments are not cookie-cutter!
  • Our developments are walkable!
  • Our landscape plans are not only aesthetically pleasing, they provide canopy and much-needed fresh air!
  • Innovative partnerships, including: Kite Mobility’s car sharing program, e-scooters and e-bikes and SmartOne Technology for interconnectivity, among others!

Currently, our company provides three (much needed) services in Niagara: 

  • Compact Real Estate Development (inspired by New Urbanism) 
  • Purpose-built Rental Apartments 
  • New Home Building with Accessory Units 

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info@elevateliving.ca | 905-732-7227 | 800 Niagara St. Unit E2, Welland, Ontario