About us

info@elevateliving.ca | 905-246-0497 | 8003 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Elevate Living is a Niagara-based home builder focused on providing quality homes at great prices.

We’ve built (no pun intended) a reputation for conceptualizing and building innovative infill housing solutions. Our portfolio includes building townhomes with accessory suites, multi-unit buildings as well as single family homes.

Elevate Living’s Premise, Promise and Product: 

Our premise: To enhance lifestyles through innovative home ownership opportunities.

Our promise: We will treat your place as if it’s our own.

Our product: Our homes are geared to meet the needs of Niagara, today and tomorrow. 

Elevate Living looks forward to serving our past and future clients’ needs and, of course, always exceeding expectations.

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Why Infill Developments?

Infill developments focus on building within existing residential neighbourhoods within city centres. These types of developments help:

  • Embrace the preservation of greenery and trees whenever possible
  • Increase the city’s tax base
  • Improve walkability in neighbourhoods
  • Improve traffic to local businesses (shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues)
  • Improve existing city infrastructure (ultimately improving the economic health of the city)
  • Improve access to homeownership
  • Reduce commute times (closer proximity) and therefore carbon emissions

info@elevateliving.ca | 905-246-0497 | 8003 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, Ontario